MB Web Solutions UK aims to run simple and effective projects to benefit every user that visits us.

We have run a number of projects and websites over the years. Here is a brief history of what we currently and have achieved.

Game Servers

Our game servers are provided for free so that the community can have a very pleasing gaming experience. We have run them for several years and are hoping to expand to other games soon.

A successful venture of 4 Sven Co-op servers which ran for 18 months. Due to come back soon due to ongoing commitments which led to no time to run the servers to their best potential.

MB Web Solutions UK Hosting Services (2006 – 2014)

We are planning to relaunch this in 2017 at some point. Offering world class service, shared hosting; reseller hosting; game and voice servers and virtual private servers were some of the services we offered.

UK PTC Network Bux (2009-2011)

A service where users could sign up and earn money just by completing tasks and clicking adverts

Other projects such as The Gangster Game and our arcade website were trialled out to see  how they worked.

There is more projects to come very soon so stay tuned!